Laminating Belt
Cleaner & Lubricant

The route to smoother, high production, trouble-free heat laminating, bonding and coating in most industries:

  • Prevents sticking
  • Reduces dirt and adhesive contamination
  • Lubricates most conveyor, roller and hot surfaces
  • Reduces material and substrate distortion and sticking problems
  • Ideal for most heavy duty bonding, laminating and coating processes
  • Environmentally friendly, solvent free, non flammable and safe to use
  • SF12 contains quick release additives for anti stick surfaces
Release Agent

Special release agent for contamination and sticking problems in heat processing machinery, moulding and mechanical processes:

  • Reduces sticking problems in general production and heat processes
  • Enhances substrate release on PTFE, conveyors and other surfaces
  • Contains an effective cleaning formula to maintain stick-free surfaces
  • Can be used as a continuous production lubricant
  • Suitable for many high temperature production systems
  • Solvent free, non flammable and safe to use
  • Good release qualities for many hot and cold moulding processes
  • Helps protect substrates and other materials from damage
Fusing Press
Cleaner & Lubricant

Promotes trouble-free heat bonding of interlinings in garment industry fusing processes:

  • For all continuous and flat bed fusing presses
  • Reduces adhesive resin contamination on fusing surfaces
  • Extends PTFE conveyor belt life
  • Improves productivity and reduces down time
  • Eliminates 'Stick Up' and enhances non stick capacity of PTFE surfaces
  • Environmentally friendly, solvent free, non flammable and safe to use
  • Contains quick release additives
  • Helps protect cloth from staining and damage